Trinity Gager -  Owner / Coach

Trinity Gager (aka TNT) began CrossFit 2 1/2 years ago and was instantly hooked. Her energetic/up beat personality along with her intense passion for the sport and to help others reach their fitness goals makes her an asset to our Coaching staff. Trinity also has obtained her CrossFit Gymanastic and Olympic Lifting Certificate. During her Olympic Lifting Cert she was coached by Josh Everett, Cody Burgener and Matt Bruce.

Trinity has been actively coaching since completing her Crossfit Level 1 certification in October 2012. Trinity routinely competes in competitions and took first place in Battle Buddies at HTOWN 2013.






Michael Gager - Owner / Coach

Michael Gager has been involved with CrossFit since 2007. He is a highly respected coach within the CrossFit community. He has competed in several competitions and was Head Judge at WOD Wars 2013.

Michael completed his CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certification in 2010 and has coached and assisted at several CrossFits in the area.  Michael has several  Crossfit certificates that include  Movement and Mobility,  Goal Setting, Gymnastics and Olympic lifting and has personally been coached and worked out with many of the best known names in Crossfit such as Adrian Bozman, Miranda Oldroyd, Kelly Starrett, Greg Amundsun, Josh Everett, Cody Burgener and Matt Bruce. He has also completed Spencer Arnold's Texas Outlaw Olympic Lifting Camp.


Aron Anderson - Owner / Coach

Aron graduated from Texas A&M University with a bachelors degree in Kinesiology and a minor in business. He is a CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Mobility Trainer.  He is also a USA weightlifting Instructor and has completed the Texas Outlaw Weight Lifting Camp. 

Aron is known for his true fulfillment in helping others. Helping people get to their max potential, learn something new, and watching their success is his true passion.



Bobby Chavez - Coach

Bobby has been involved with CrossFit since November 2012 and has been addicted ever since. He enjoys competing in local competitions and is driven by the friendly but competitive nature of CrossFit.  He strives to help people achieve goals they once thought were an illusion.








Charlie Odom - Head Coach

Charlie is a home grown Texas boy from right here in humble. He has always been interested in fitness and helping people reach their full potential. He competed in many different sports in high school including basketball and long distance running. This competitive passion continued with him when he joined the Marines where he practiced Jui Jitsu and Muy Thai along with his military martial arts training. While he was in the Marines in which he spent 5 years as a Air Traffic Controller he also started physical training large groups and was in charge of keeping all of the Marines in his platoon up to weight and PT standards. Since exiting the Marines he has been personal training and training group classes at Golds Gym and another CrossFit Gym. I have practiced CrossFit since back in the military off and on but consistently for the past two and a half years, it is his true passion because he has seen what it can do to dramatically change his own life as well as those who dedicate themselves to it completely. His goal in life is to touch as many peoples lives as possible and show everyone what they can achieve if they are willing to put in the work


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